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Jobseekers publish availability, practices publish locum shifts.
Matched directly, no agencies. Setup takes 4 minutes.

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Practice Manager: Have a last-minute unfilled shift?

Just add it to your practice profile. In 5 minutes, you'll receive a list of available locums in your area, and should any locum become available in the future, our system will notify you!

Practice Manager: Need a list of all locums in your area?

Search our locum jobseekers' database to access all contact, profile information, and availability.
Available exclusively with the Unlimited plan.

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Jobseeker: Do you have some free gaps here and there?

Simply add them to your jobseeker profile and we will continuously search for an unfilled shift that matches your preferences (date, distance, etc.) until you delete the availability.


"It’s a great idea and it is very simple to use."

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Practice Manager

"Just added my availability and I already got some shifts."

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Locum Vet